International students

USOSweb & University e-mail

Every student gains access to USOS (Uniwersytecki System Obsługi Studiów -University System of Study Management):

Student receives USOSweb login details upon enrolment: the password, which was the last password you used in the OAS, and which has to be changed upon signing in for the first time, and login.

USOS system serves for registration for courses, registration for exams and sending various organisational information for students. Students marks are also kept in the USOS system. In USOS you can find a list of courses for which you can register in a given academic year.

Where and how to register to a course?

  • via the USOSweb, if the registration to the course is active in USOSweb in TWO OBLIGATORY steps:
  1. register via the USOSweb to the course (USOSweb instruction is available here)
  2. link the course to your study programme  (Linkage instructions - two available - 1 and 2). After 22nd of October You will be automatically removed from the list of participants of the courses which will not be connected with any programme of study.
  • via secretary office in the particular faculty, if the registration to the course is not active in USOSweb

Tutorial how to activate the University e-mail


The Guide for International Students

The Guide for International Students is a leaflet, in which the information is given in Polish (pages 3–22), English (pages 23–38) and Russian (pages 39–55) language.


International students coming for regular degree studies can apply for a place in student dormitory. All applications for dormitories from students coming for regular degree studies should be filled in the USOSweb system. All students have to fill in the application. Than you should  print, sign and send it to the appropriate university unit, unless you are first-year student;

We remind first-year students that the registration in USOSweb is open in following deadlines:

  • I round:   from 14 of June 2018 till 25 of August 2018
  • II round: from 14 of September 2018 till 25 of September 2018

Announcement of the results:

  • 1 of September 2018 r. - results of the first round applications
  • 26 of September 2018 r. - results of the second round applications

After log-in in USOSweb just click: Students section > My studies > Applications > Dormitory application for year 2018-2019 (freshman-year foreigners only) An instruction is available here;

In case on any questions, contact: Paweł Winiarski tel. (+48-12) 663-1146,,

Cost of living in dormitory is approximately 380 PLN per person per month. A deposit of 380 PLN is obligatory paid at the beginning of stay. There are no single rooms, all rooms are two- three- or four-bed rooms, with a shared bathroom and kitchen utilities (depending on the dormitory). Rooms are allotted by the Inhabitants Council in each of the dormitories;

There is a basic furniture in the rooms: bed, table, wardrobe, bed cover, bedside lamp. Kitchen has no dishes nor pots, usually there are no fridges. Usually there are students canteen in the dormitory building;

Students are not obliged to stay in the dormitory, they can stay in private accommodation. The price for renting vary depending on localization, number of inhabitants and other housing conditions between 400 - 2000 PLN;

There are different housing agencies where students can search for private accommodation: i.e. "Bratniak" Foundation Agency of Housing and Work or Bratnia Pomoc Akademicka (ul. Św. Anny) or students Housing Agency or other estate agencies.

More information: