Regulations for Programmes of Study offered by the Institute of Environmental Sciences (Jagiellonian University)

1.General provisions

1.1 "Regulations for First-Cycle, Second-Cycle, and Long-Cycle Magister Programmes of Study" (available at are superior to the principles listed here, and hence obligatory for students of biology & geography, ecology & evolution, and natural resources management.

1.2 The specialisations' programmes and course of studies are developed and supervised by their respective Programme Councils.

2. Course of study

2.1. only in polish

2.2. Ecology & evolution and natural resource management (second-cycle specialisations)  last 4 semesters.

2.3. In order to graduate, a student must write and submit a diploma dissertation and pass the final diploma examination.

2.4. only in polish

2.5. The programme of studies lists obligatory courses and the minimal number of elective courses. A student is obliged to register electronically for all courses (obligatory and elective) and to submit courses declaration in the secretariat until 7th November (Fall Semester courses) of 22th March (Summer Semester courses). Elective courses must be passed in the year during which they were declared.

2.6. Students must not register for two or more courses which are taught at the same hours.

2.7. In special cases and subject to the acceptance of deputy director of the Institute of Environmental Sciences, a student can sign out of / sign up for an elective course up to 2 weeks before the beginning of a Semester (or in case of field courses – up to 2 weeks before their start date).

2.8. A student who wants to qualify as a teacher can attend pedagogical courses at the Pedagogical College and Faculty Teaching Center (in addition to his/her base study programme).

3. Credits and Exams

3.1. Individual courses can end with an exam, a credit with evaluation or credit without evaluation, according to the programme of studies. Teacher responsible for a course determines the detailed rules for obtaining credit.

3.2. A student who obtains at least 50 ECTS points but does not pass obligatory courses or does not meet other conditions determined in the programme of studies, can be granted a conditional entry for the following academic year. The application for such conditional entry must be submitted by 30 September. It must list the courses that will be repeated or the replacement courses which will grant the student a required number of points. To complete the academic year for which such conditional entry has been granted, the student then has to pass these courses listed in the application.

4. English language

4.1. Passing an English exam at B2 level is required for obtaining a BSc degree. Passing an English exam at B2+ level is required for obtaining an MSc degree. The programme of studies determines the required number of hours and ECTS points. The Jagiellonian Language Centre determines the rules for obtaining credit for language classes.

5. Individual Curriculum and Study Programme

5.1. A student can be granted an individual curriculum or an individual study programme by the Dean of the Faculty.

5.2. Students who study at another domestic or foreign university for at least one semester are granted an individual study programme.

5.3. The Faculty Council determines the conditions and regulations concerning the individual curriculum and the individual study programme.

6. Copyright issues

6.1. Students must comply with copyrights all through their course of study.

6.2. In cases of copyright infringement, relevant Regulations for First-Cycle, Second-Cycle, and Long-Cycle Magister Programmes of Study apply.