The rules of language education

  1. The second-cycle programme of study includes a foreign language course lasting 60 hours, ending with the exam at the level at least B2 +. Passing the exam is required to obtain Magister degree. The principles of assessment of the course are determined by the Jagiellonian Language Centre (JCJ).

  2. Detailed rules for crediting a foreign language course on the basis of a certificate confirming the knowledge of a foreign language and a list of recognized certificates are described by the Rector of the Jagiellonian University in Regulation No. 106 of 21 October 2014.
    To complete a language course on the basis of the certificate, the student should visit  the duty manager of the relevant  team of language in the Jagiellonian Language Centre (timetable of language team leaders or deputy).

  3. A student who did not pass the language course in the regular mode, with the approval of the Deputy Director of the Institute can applicate  to take a payable  final language exam. Details and dates of the exams can be found on the website of JCJ.


JCJ - Jagiellonian Language Centre

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