All payments you may need to make over the course of your studies (such as your tuition fee, the fees for printing your diploma, replacing a lost student ID card, repeating a course, etc.) should be made into the individual bank account number generated by the USOS system. The account number, as well as the information on any due payments, can be found on your USOS student profile under MY STUDIES >PAYMENTS tab.

Tuition fee

Citizens of member states of European Union or European Free Trade Association, citizens of Swiss Confederation, and citizens of other countries who hold a Polish Charter (Karta Polaka) or other documents confirming Polish nationality, pay no tuition fee.

All other students pay tuition fee of 9500 PLN for the 1st and 8500 PLN for the 2nd year of studies.

The fee is made for the whole academic year in two instalments paid:
  • I instalment due to: 30 September
  • II instalment due to: 24 February

The fee should be paid to the following bank account:

CITI Bank Handlowy w Warszawie S.A.
address: ul. Senatorska 16, 00-923 Warszawa

Cash payments of tuition fees are accepted only at the bank's branch on Karmelicka 7, Kraków.

Fee for repeating a course

The payment for repeating a course is calculated based on the cost of one course hour. At the Faculty of Biology and Earth Sciences, one course hour costs 5 PLN. The fee for repeating a course has to be paid until October 22nd (for winter semester or yearly courses) or March 15th (for summer semester courses).

Fees for issuing documents

According to the regulation issued by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education on 14th September 2011, concerning documentation of the course of study, the following payments apply:

  • 17 PLN – student ID
  • 4 PLN – student's registration book
  • 60 PLN – degree certificate with two certified copies in Polish
  • 40 PLN – certified copy of degree certificate in English

Payment for issuing a duplicate of each of the above-listed documents is 50% higher, respectively.

Exemption from tuition fees

1. In accordance with the Resolution of the Jagiellonian University Senate (June 25, 2014), a student can apply for a total or partial exemption from tuition fees under exceptional circumstances, such as:
  • an exceptionally difficult financial situation which arose due to external conditions after a student has already begun his/her course of study
  • outstanding academic performance
  •  participation in international fellowship programmes
The application should be submitted before the beginning of the academic year it concerns, no later than 20th September. The application can be submitted after this date if the situation justifying fee exemption arose during the academic year; in such cases, the application has to be submitted within 7 days from such occurrence.
2. § 19 of the enactment issued by the Minister of Science and Higher Education on 12th October 2006 specifies the conditions under which the Chancellor may grant exemption from tuition fees to a foreign citizen undertaking paid studies.