Programme overview

Name of the Faculty

Faculty of Biology and Earth Sciences

Degree program/ Course of study(ies)

Ecology and Evolution

Determining the area(s) of education for the curriculum of the course

Natural sciences

Determining the fields of studies or arts and scientific or artisticdisciplines to which the learning outcomes refer

field of study: biological sciences

scientific discipline: ecology

Level of education

Post bachelor master's studies

Educational profile

General academic profile

Study system

Full-time studies


Courses taught in English

Head of studies in a given field or other responsible person

Dr Janusz Fyda, Deputy Director of Student Affairs at the Institute of Environmental Sciences

Professional title obtained by the graduate

Master of Science (MSc)

Opportunities for further education/Further education

PhD studies in Poland and abroad

The general educational objectives for the curriculum at specified level and educational profile

The purpose of the studies is to obtain increased theoretical knowledge in the field of ecology and evolution.

In order to achieve this, educational modules were carefully selected to provide the graduate with latest theoretical and practical knowledge of contemporary issues relating to those fields (ecology and evolution).

A significant part of the curriculum are lab activities and group projects which equip the graduate with skills (research planning, acquiring grants and funding, compiling reports, writing research papers, etc.) allowing them to find employment at different positions and in various institutions: scientific research facilities/institutions/centres, governmental institutions, nature preservation agencies, consulting companies and industry.

An important opportunity for further development and work is the chance to apply for PhD studies at the best universities in Poland and abroad.

A graduate of Ecology and Evolution is ready to further develop and hone their professional skills so that they can adjust to the changing conditions of Polish as well as international labor markets.

Employment opportunities

Foreign and domestic research and analytical laboratories, state administration, nature preservation centers, state and private scientific research institutes, governmental, non governmental and private organizations and foundations.